Raja Peary Mohan College

Uttarpara, Hooghly, West Bengal, India
NAAC accredited with B grade (2.7); ISO 9001:2015

Estd: 1887




Motto of Central Library –

“Right Document to the Right Reader at the Right Time”



The Central library of Raja Peary Mohan College has a very unique and rich collection of books, periodicals and reports as well as multimedia resources built over nearly one hundred years. This includes some of the rarest materials along with thousands of important documents and journals.

The Central Library of Raja Peary Mohan College is situated in the Ground Floor of the new building. The Library was established way back in the year 1927 with about 1000 books, mostly obtained through donations from the founder members. For several years, the library was located in one of the small classrooms of the earlier hostel building. However, with the passage of time, as the number of books increased, the library had to be shifted to a larger hall in Room No. 101. In 1963 there was a separate library on the 3rd floor. In the year 2018 The Central Library had to be shifted to Ground floor became functional in fulfilling the long-standing academic hunger of all categories of our users. Central library is spread over three levels, It has 6 special sections, (i) Textbook; (ii) General Books; (iii) Reference Tools and Rare section; (iv) Remedial; (v) Periodicals; and (vi) Braille Books. The Library has been upgraded with the pace of time with KOHA software for extending facilities of automated search and online access respectively. Automated barcode system is being used to make the circulation system effectively modernized. The Library has provide digital resource service through Institutional repository software DSpace .


Presently, the total number of books in the Library is more than 29,000 and every year there is a fresh purchase of books from the RUSA grants UGC grants and College fund.

Raja Peary Mohan College Library is a proud member of NLIST, (INFLIBNET [http://nlist.inflibnet.ac.in]) National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content which is part of UGC Infonet Digital Library Consortium, JSTOR to extend e-resources to colleges.

An initiative of Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) under the NME-ICT now funded by UGC, as college component under UGC-INFONET Digital Library Consortium, it gives us access to over:

6000+  e-journals and

97000+  e-books


2. Our moto:

The primary mission of the library is to support the educational and research programs of the college by providing access to rich physical and digital repositories of learning resources. With its rare archives and the most current databases, the College library is designed to cater to the College's current and future teaching and research interest

3. Library sub committee

Dr. Sudip Kumar Chakraborty (Principal)

Dr. Sonali Dapsi (Librarian, Convener)

Mrs. Shraboni Das (Librarian, Convener)

Dr. Samir Roy (Bursar)

Dr. Pallab Gayen (TCS)

Prof. Susanta Kumar Biswas

Dr. Apurbo Kumar Dey

Dr. Sanjukta Bhattacharyya

Dr. Pinaki De

Dr. Abu Saleh

Dr. Maitry Bose Biswas

Prof. Debasish Naskar

Ms. Souvik Mondal (Library staff)

Ms. Anupam Jana

Mr. Samir Purkait

G.S., Student Union

Girls’ representative of students

4. Rules and regulations


Services of the Library are provided primarily to Students, Research Scholars, Faculty, Officers and Non-Teaching Staff of the Institution. The library collections of the Central Library are subject to special protection for being a library of near about 100 years old. Considering this, these rules are designed to ensure that all members may obtain the maximum benefits from library facilities without affecting the library resources.

4.2. LIBRARY HOURS :  Library hours are subject to change and the changes if any, will be notified on the Library Notice Board from time to time.

 all week days: 10.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M.

Book requisition hours: 10.30 A. M to 1.00P.M.

Book issue: 2.00 P. M to 4:30 P.M.

Book return: 10.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M.

Ø Library visiting hours for External members –

4.3. RIGHT OF ENTRY (TO THE LIBRARY): The right of entry to the Library is reserved to bonafide students, teachers, and staff of the College. Students are required to keep their Library Cards with them for inspection. All users of the library must sign the visitor’s register at the time of entry.


Students, teachers and staff of the College are entitled to become members of the library. Library card will be issued to each member.

 Ø Memberships are not transferable. A borrower shall not in any case sub lend any book borrowed from the Central Library. Every member of the Library shall be responsible for the safe custody of the Library book borrowed by him/her for study in the Reading Room or for use at home.

 Members should keep the Library informed of changes of address, telephone no., class or subject of study etc. during the period of their membership. Following persons can enlist him/herself as a member in anyone of the following capacity.

4.5. PRIVILEGES OF MEMBERS: The various categories of members mentioned below shall be entitled to borrow the specified number of volumes from the library for the period noted against each category.

 A. Faculty Members will be eligible to borrow to the maximum limit of 5 books for 30 days. Reissue 1 time.

B. students will be eligible to borrow to the maximum limit of 3 books for hons. Students and 2 books for general students.

C. Nonteaching stuff will be eligible to borrow to the maximum limit of 2 books for 30 days during their fellowship.


5. Library services

5.A. Library basic services:

1.     Home lending of library resources

2.     In house use of library resources

3.     Book reservations facility

4.     Reprographic service

5.     Internet facility

6.     Reference service

7.     Referral service

8.     Library Induction & orientation programs

9.     Newspaper clipping service

10. Reading room provision

11. Inter library loan

12. Question paper archive

13. Selective  SDI service

14. Library OPAC

15. Digital library service

16. CAS (Current Awareness Service)

17. Carrell service

18. Document Delivery Service (DDS) :

19. External membership services


5.B.  Guidance and counseling

20. Reading skill and information literacy

21. Referencing and style manual

22. Training on NLIST, JSTOR & NDL program

23. Training on open resources

24. Training programs on Library computerization (OPAC)


6. Library section

            A.   Property counter

            B.    Circulation section

            C.    Periodicals section

            D.   Stack rooms

            E.    Reading room

            F.     Digital library section

            G.   Reference section

            H.   Rare section

            I.       Remedial section

            J.      Librarian’s desk

            K.   OPAC zone

7. Library collection

            A.   Books

·        General collection

·        Career guidance collection

·         Rare collection

·         Reference collection

·        Remedial collection

            B.    Journals

·        Indian Chemical Society

·        The Economist

·        The Management accountant

·        The Chartered accountant

·        Economic and Political Weekly

            C.   Magazine

            D.   Newspaper

·        Anandabazar

·        Eisomoy

·        The times of India

·        Kormokhetro

·        Employment news

            E.    Digital collection

            E.1 CDs/DVDs, Penrdrive

            E.2 Digitization of library resources

v Previous year Question paper

            E.3 Born Digital resources

v Syllabus


    F. NDL (Digital Library)

    G. INFLIBNET-NLIST program

    H. JSTOR (Digital library)

8.  Institutional repository (Dspace)

9. Important links

A.   Library web OPAC

B.    Institutional repository (Dspace)

C.    NLIST e resources

D.   National Digital library


F.     Calcutta university

G.   UGC


10.Contact us :

 Address :

Central library

Raja Peary Mohan College

1, Acharya Dhruba Pal Road,  Koutrung , Uttarpara, Hooghly, West Bengal,India,  pin-712258

Ground Floore

Phone number: 033 2663 0881


Dr. Sonali Dapsi

Mrs. Shraboni Das

11. Suggestions /Feedback:



Please give your suggestions.  The central library welcomes all suggestions and encourages. All library users can put their valuable suggestions at any time.al library welcomes all suggestions and encourages. All library users can put their valuable suggestions at any time.