Raja Peary Mohan College

Uttarpara, Hooghly, West Bengal, India
NAAC accredited with B grade (2.7); ISO 9001:2015

Estd: 1887

Featured News

Unnat Bharat Abhiyan

Unnat Bharat Abhiyan is inspired by the vision of transformational change in rural development processes by leveraging knowledge institutions to help build the architecture of an Inclusive India. A flagship program of Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India. The college situated in Hooghly District has taken a prominent role towards uplifting the following five villages viz. Nischinda, Nabagram, Kanaipur, Raghunathpur and Abhoynagar.

Rashtriya Uchchattar Shiksha Abhiyan

Rashtriya Uchchattar Shiksha Abhiyan is a holistic scheme of development for higher education in India initiated in 2013 by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. The centrally sponsored scheme aims at providing strategic funding to higher educational institutions throughout the country. The college received 2 crores towards an overall development of the higher education infrastructure, academics and other related facilities.

RPMC Integrated Biological Research Facility (RIBRF)

Raja Peary Mohan College Integrated Biological Research Facility (RIBRF)has been built by generous funding from various agencies. RUSA, Biotechnology Branch of Department of Higher Education, Science & Technology and Biotechnology, Government of West Bengal under Biotechnology based Opportunities Offered to Science & Technology Departments (BOOST) scheme, Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) sponsored research scheme Early Career Research Award (ECRA).

Online Tutoring

Raja Peary Mohan College has done an online integration of Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Education package. The college has mapped every student and provided them with unique Microsoft office 365 powered User ID that has their college ID. Every student has been integrated into a team for seamless online classes. All teachers have been provided with Microsoft office 365 powered User ID. The platform is being used routinely for online classes and webinar.

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform within the Office 365 Suite where teams connect through shared notebooks, chat sessions, virtual meetings, and resource sharing. Using both Microsoft and non-Microsoft tools, including hundreds of third-party applications, teachers can create groups or classes that include any member of your organization, making it a great fit for sports teams, clubs, and leadership committees (for larger scale use, School Data Sync allows automated creation of classes). Learners can share resources, work on projects, delegate tasks, and communicate their progress via their Class Notebook, and teachers can create assignments and share files via SharePoint, so students get individual copies.

Integration with other Microsoft tools, such as Outlook, SharePoint, PowerPoint, and OneNote make this tool a hub for learning with just one login. However, if Teams is going to replace your learning management system (LMS), you'll have to rely on other tools for things like parent communication, efficient assignment submission and management, and better grading capabilities.

Please go through the following

  1. Microsoft Guide

  2. Please look into this two part Microsoft Teams set up video (Part I and II)

  3. How to use MS Teams

  4. How to track attendance

  5. How to present a powerpoint in MS Teams

Health Unit Activity

Health Unit of Raja Peary Mohan College carries out regu;ar health camps, awareness camps, Doctor interaction and health advisory etc for students of the college and local community. The Unit has been an active component of the overall growth for the college. The following activities were carried out by the Unit from December, 2019 till date

I. An awareness programme on polycystic ovarian syndrome was organised by Health

Unit in 2019.

II. A poster session on COVID 19 was arranged on 7 th March 2020.

III. A yoga workshop was arranged by the Unit in 2020 in the 14 th March in the college


IV. To stay healthy in both physically and mentally in lockdown period a video on yoga

practices entitled “Yoga for mental and physical health” was uploaded in the websites

for the students.

V. A writeup of an interview with Dr. Syantan Banerjee was uploaded in the RPMC


VI. During pandemic situation, a video entitled “The importance of mask in post COVID

19 “

VII. A PowerPoint on “Post lockdown precautions” were uploaded in the college website

to spread the awareness related with COVID 19 among students.

VIII. In the occasion of International Yoga Day, a webinar entitled “Yoga for

Wellbeing” was arranged by Health Unit and IQAC of Raja Peary Mohan College on

21 st June, 2020.

IX. An online question answer session on COVID 19 was held on 23 rd July, 2020 with

Dr. Debasish Mondal.

X. A webinar titled ‘Humour in the time of Corona’ on 08/08/2020 by Dr. Tanvir Reza

Extramural funding

1. Dr. Santanu Rana, Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology was awarded with the Early Career Research Award (ECRA) by Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB). The project was funded for a period of 3 years and total amount funded is Rs. 5623438.00 2. Dr. Swagata Pal, Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology, Raja Peary Mohan College was awarded the ICMR Extramural Ad-hoc Grant